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Returning LeagueAvailable TeamFAB StartTypeFAB HoursFilledMorePriceGo
Football ShowdownSam Adams LagersThu Nov 264-Day11AM - 3PM ET2/10
Football ShowdownDumb MassesThu Nov 264-Day11AM - 3PM ET2/10
Football ShowdownBuffalo BisonThu Nov 264-Day11AM - 3PM ET2/10
DIEHARD Football League45mThu Nov 264-Day11AM - 3PM ET0/8
DIEHARD Football LeagueMarinersThu Nov 264-Day11AM - 3PM ET0/8
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The Free Agency Blitz (FAB) aspect of GameDayRitual takes fantasy sports to a new level: bidding against other owners, handing multi-year deals - it all adds up to a unique experience!

Byron Cox, Founder,

This website is amazing... it’s only a matter of time until more people get all over it.

Mike, GameDayRitual Facebook page

GameDayRitual has taken an old fantasy format, which gets little attention these days, and is bringing it to new levels. GDR is trying to blur the line between fantasy sports and real sports.

Derrick Eckardt, RotoNation

[GameDayRitual] is by far the best fantasy site I've had the pleasure of using.

GDR User kpugs, forum

GameDayRitual is an excellent product … If you are someone who likes fantasy baseball keeper leagues … GDR is an excellent system that you should look into., February 2008

Top Teams in Attendance in 2014



16W - 0L, 211 FP/G

League: DIEHARD Football League

GM: compton9890


Fierce Norse

13W - 2L, 182 FP/G

League: Could be PRO--GM

GM: firstdown


Cam's Crunch

13W - 3L, 176 FP/G

League: The Argos Cup

GM: camtheleaf


Left-Footed Doritos

13W - 3L, 179 FP/G


GM: LFDoritos


Cleveland Steamers

14W - 2L, 178 FP/G

League: Football Showdown

GM: jman1975