6/30/2008 - Facebook BB Screen Shots

Checkout the newly created Facebook GameDayRitual baseball screen shot photo album here. Use it to show your friends how cool GameDayRitual is and feel free to join our Facebook Fan Page while you're at it!

6/25/2008 - User Survey: Gift Card Winner

We're pleased to announce the winner of the GameDayRitual user survey gift card prize, Andrew Trent (GDR: yongi).

Congratulations yongi! And thanks to all who participated. The information gathered will be used to build and improve GameDayRitual in the future.

6/11/2008 - Facebook Fan Page

Click here to check out GameDayRitual's Facebook fan page - and join up to meet other GameDayRitual users!

6/9/2008 - Baseball Prospects Drafts

As of Monday June 9th, GameDayRitual's unique Prospects Drafts are underway. If you're a baseball user, head to front office > prospects to get in on the action!

4/11/2008 - Team Buzz Beta Launched

Checkout the latest buzz on the clubhouse > team buzz page.

3/24/2008 - We Slip you some Skin

Checkout our newly launched team skins in the franchise > skins. Create and share your skins!

3/24/2008 - Player Buzz Beta Launched

We have launched the first beta elements of our baseball Player Buzz functionality. Checkout the bottom of the player cards and look out for more to come!

3/10/2008 - Do you Twitter?

GDR is dabbling in the world of Twitter. So if you want to be our friend on Twitter, look us up! twitter@gamedayritual.com

3/4/2008 - Baseball 2008 Referral Blitz

We have launched our Baseball 2008 referral blitz, with five Platinum account upgrades to be awarded by draw based on referrals sent between now and Opening Day. See this blog post for more details!

2/29/2008 - Champion's League Invites

We have sent out our invitations for the 2008 Baseball Champion's Leagues! For more information, checkout the Quick Hits Blog here.

2/22/2008 - Baseball 2008 is Open!

With our new look launched and new grass on the field, we're open for business for Baseball 2008. So get all your friends, activate those teams and leagues and start getting ready to rock the FAB.

2/17/2008 - Beta Testing Begins

Our adminstrators and moderators are now hard at work testing out our new layout.

2/15/2008 - GameDayRitual gets a new look!

The first of many 2008 GameDayRitual upgrades is here! Take a look around at our new look-and-feel. This infrastructure overhaul will also allow us to make upgrades down the line that weren't possible under the old layout.

2018 Baseball Player Database Available Soon!

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The Free Agency Blitz (FAB) aspect of GameDayRitual takes fantasy sports to a new level: bidding against other owners, handing multi-year deals - it all adds up to a unique experience!

Byron Cox, Founder, RotoJunkie.com

This website is amazing... it’s only a matter of time until more people get all over it.

Mike, GameDayRitual Facebook page

GameDayRitual has taken an old fantasy format, which gets little attention these days, and is bringing it to new levels. GDR is trying to blur the line between fantasy sports and real sports.

Derrick Eckardt, RotoNation

[GameDayRitual] is by far the best fantasy site I've had the pleasure of using.

GDR User kpugs, GameDayRiutal.com forum

GameDayRitual is an excellent product … If you are someone who likes fantasy baseball keeper leagues … GDR is an excellent system that you should look into.

mlbscoop.com, February 2008

Top Teams in Attendance in 2017


Independence Freedom

22W - 4L, 368 FP/G

League: Clemente Conference

GM: cptsisko


Sioux Center Swansons

119W - 57L, 368 FP/G

League: Comet Fantasy Baseball

GM: jsmatthews


Shark Attack

126W - 50L, 347 FP/G

League: Hall of Champions League

GM: jberman


Waterloo Whistlers

121W - 55L, 363 FP/G

League: High Heat

GM: djnso


STATS Orphan

117W - 59L, 366 FP/G

League: Premier Legacy

GM: kem99