Fantasy Baseball League THE END?
Fantasy Baseball

After 13 seasons in the sun, we’re sad to say we’re closing-up shop. What began as a passion for better fantasy sports amongst three engineers from Canada, grew into a full-blown business and MLB licensed strategy game, and then eventually relaxed into a hobby and labor of love as we tried as long as we could not to say goodbye.

But the seasons turned into families and the families turned into time we no longer had for our humble side project. Stats providers grew unreliable, payment providers deprecated their APIs almost annually. Finally we reached our breaking point.

There were many that reached out in recent weeks to try and help us find a path forward this season, offering to help run or buy GDR, but after exploring each of them, there just wasn't a concrete enough direction that we felt would let us confidently run the site for the whole season - and we can't imagine anything worse than having the plug pulled on you part way through. So apologies for the delay in the news but we wanted to give this every chance possible.

We will leave the site up until mid-April so that you can all log in, pull rosters, and save history - once last chance to take screen shots and preserve smack-talk for eternity.

Take some solace that we’re trading in our weekend gig as fantasy sports jockeys for being Little League coaches and instilling a love of the game (and stats!) into the next generation.

We hope you enjoyed playing GDR as much as we enjoyed building it for you, and that the rush of your Free Agency Blitz is replaced with something as exciting in due time. Alas, we cannot bring ourselves to 100% say goodbye, so we’re keeping the (quite ancient at this point) code base and will think about what a GDR 2.0 might look like when we semi-retire (amazingly this is closer than it may seem).

May all your future bids in life be “green 2s” and your GM Rating as close to 100 as possible.

Thanks for playing.
— Cam, George, and Scott

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The Free Agency Blitz (FAB) aspect of GameDayRitual takes fantasy sports to a new level: bidding against other owners, handing multi-year deals - it all adds up to a unique experience!

Byron Cox, Founder,

This website is amazing... it’s only a matter of time until more people get all over it.

Mike, GameDayRitual Facebook page

GameDayRitual has taken an old fantasy format, which gets little attention these days, and is bringing it to new levels. GDR is trying to blur the line between fantasy sports and real sports.

Derrick Eckardt, RotoNation

[GameDayRitual] is by far the best fantasy site I've had the pleasure of using.

GDR User kpugs, forum

GameDayRitual is an excellent product … If you are someone who likes fantasy baseball keeper leagues … GDR is an excellent system that you should look into., February 2008

Top Teams in Attendance in 2017


Independence Freedom

22W - 4L, 368 FP/G

League: Clemente Conference

GM: cptsisko


Sioux Center Swansons

119W - 57L, 368 FP/G

League: Comet Fantasy Baseball

GM: jsmatthews


Shark Attack

126W - 50L, 347 FP/G

League: Hall of Champions League

GM: jberman


Waterloo Whistlers

121W - 55L, 363 FP/G

League: High Heat

GM: djnso


STATS Orphan

117W - 59L, 366 FP/G

League: Premier Legacy

GM: kem99